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αορατη ορθοδοντικη

Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Orthodontics regards with the movement of teeth in order to achieve the aesthetic restoration of the person’s smile as well as the functional restoration of the mouth in general. This can be achieved either with the use of orthodontic retainers (braces) or transparent splints, depending on the case.

The orthodontic movement of teeth with the use of thin transparent splints (aligners) is the least invasive method in the aesthetic restoration of the smile, especially for the adults. The “movements” of the teeth are firstly demonstrated digitally, so the patient may have a clear image of the end result before the beginning of the therapy.

The therapy lasts a few months – depending on the severity of the case – the splints are easily accustomed to, after the first few days and they are literally invisible!
Our office uses the system ClearAligner and the splints are manufactured at an accredited laboratory for the specific system.