Dental implants have been the biggest revolution in the science of Dentistry in the last decades. They are used for the replacement of one or more teeth that have been lost. The advantages of a prosthetic replacement with implants are many, the most important one being the fact that the integrity of the remaining teeth is maintained, since they don’t need to be drilled and often be treated endodontically-in order to place a conventional bridge.

Moreover, they present an excellent solution in avoiding partial or full dentures by offering support for fixed prostheses. They may also contribute to a better containment and stability of a full denture while being aesthetically appealing.  

Their success percentage is very high in the long term on condition that there has been good planning in their restoration and replacement and the patient follows the appropriate protocol in their re-examination and care.

After the necessary x-rays and study models are taken, the treatment plan is set by the doctor in collaboration with the Periodontist, who will surgically place the implant.

Thus, the position of the implants is prosthetically guided so the teeth that will be anchored on them, will be pristine in functional and aesthetic level.

In our office we use the Swiss implants Straumann, for the quality and the success percentage of which there is decades long documentation.