Endodontics is the field of Dentistry that deals with the health of the pulp and the apex surrounding tissues and, consequently, maintaining the tooth on the dentition. It includes the cleaning of the root canals from the microbes as well as other organic residue and finally their hermetic sealing. It is an essential precondition for the success of such an endodontic treatment that the tooth be restored with the correct reconstructive technique and crown, in order to protect it from fractures.

Our office performs the entire spectrum of endodontic therapies using cutting edge technology: high magnification glasses(x5), electronic appliance and digital x-ray for the localization of the apex, the motorized systems RaCe and Protaper for the cleaning of the root canals and the systems of thermal guttapercha System-B and Obtura ΙΙ for their hermetic sealing. The therapy can be completed in one or more sessions depending on the pathology of the tooth, always painlessly with the help of local anesthesia.